We, at Xpedition Travel, would like to wish everyone a Happy Fall! It was our pleasure to meet each and every one of you who traveled with us last year. We have done our best to listen to and incorporate your feedback in order to make our trips even better.

The trips we have planned for 2017 are a combination of some Bucket Lists. We hope that you find the trip you were wishing for in the next few pages. The key to a fabulous trip is all in the planning. Enormaous steps have been taken to make sure the trips for 2017 are fun, interesting and economical, which is our goal for you at Xpedition Travel.

We sincerely hope that Xpedition Travel has the opportunity to travel with you in 2017.



The Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale is now available. Please note the correction in the Friday, April 21st date. This trip will leave on teh 21st from Mt.Pleasant, Alma, St.Johns and Lansing